One day it happens. You’re a bit older than you thought you were.

I was considering taking up some form of Martial Arts again after a (very) long gap and had dropped in on any number of local sessions ranging from kick boxing to Karate. All looked the part, but something was missing…………..older students! Not to be put off, I still had a number of Arts to look at including Jujutsu and Aikido. The former had always appealed because it seemed to me, based on my limited knowledge to include all the elements of defensive, and if required offensive moves being throws, locks, kicks punches etc.

So off I went to look at Jujutsu, and I wasn’t disappointed. The only concern I had was the very direct nature of the session I went to, and if I’m honest in particular, the effect the five minutes or so of continuous punching was having on the recipient I was watching. Other than that, it looked great.

Then I went to Aikido. The first thing to say was that these guys were for real, that isthe attacks were full on and not staged in any way. I very quickly realised that my concerns over the other Martial Arts did not apply here. The first response, indeed almost the instinctive and instantaneous reaction required was in most cases to avoid the attack by moving offline and delivering an effective response in such a way as to limit any damage to both the attacker and more importantly oneself.

Since then I’ve had lots of breaks from training, but you know what, I still enjoy every minute when I am able to go. With the oldest club member being in their 70’s, I’ve got a very long way to go in every sense. Highly recommended, give it a go.

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