In my minds eye, I can still picture it. An Iris Blue MGA 1600 Mk.II drop head (or Tourer as they called them) with Dunlop disc brakes on the front. From a visual viewpoint, I recall the Mk II had an inset front grill, and very different tail lights from the Mk I. Under the bonnet the unit was a four cylinder 1622cc (as opposed to 1588cc, or 1498cc on earlier models) with twin SU H4 carburettors.

I couldn’t afford a hard top or side screens so trips up the motorway in the rain were a real experience, but when the sun came out and you could finally use it as it was intended to be used, it felt fantastic.. With wooden floorboards underfoot and given the damp conditions that often prevailed, I’m amazed that it survived so well.

One memorable event though. Picture a petrol station and me about to dutifully check the battery levels. Now for those of you who don’t know, there were two 6 volt batteries (located behind the front seats under the hood area) accessed by lifting & sliding off a metal battery cover. On this occasion the cover (which was shaped to have a longer front edge than back edge) dropped onto both battery terminals and, next thing I knew the carpet in close proximately to the batteries was on fire!

Now, this was a fire right by the fuel pump and near the tank itself, but luckily, I managed to put it out by frantic use of my size 10’s. The event still haunts me, but not enough to stop me hankering after having another MGA-someday!

E bay here I come!

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