There I was, in Maney Hall Sutton Coldfield (England), listening to whichever local band was playing at the time, and it struck me………..I want to do that!


It was late 1972 early 1973 and I know that because in those days, everything you did was centred on what was in the charts at the time. This was a “GudbuyT’Jane” moment. I’ve checked since and that reached number 2 on 25th November 1972, so there you go.


The very next day I found somebody to teach me those three chords (see “Demystifying playing the Electric Guitar” elsewhere in this blog) and off I went. Some likeminded mates joined in and we had a band. Great fun.


Pretty soon we were playing at the odd party and a little bit later, the local church hall circuit. I remember one school event when we successfully managed to plaster all the parents and the odd school master up against the back wall-something to do with the volume I think. When we eventually did play Maney Hall it was a defining moment, like things going full circle.


The Beatles. Now I have been a Beatles fan for as long as I can remember, and I was forever sticking some of their songs in our set much to the chagrin of some of the more contemporary band members. So imagine my surprise and delight, when, many years later I discovered that on 1st February 1963, The Beatles had played two gigs, one being at the Assembly Rooms in Tamworth, Staffordshire and the other…….you guessed it, at somewhere called St Peters Church Hall, in Sutton Coldfield, known locally as Maney Hall!!


I haven’t washed my feet since!

6 Comments to “In The Beatles footsteps?”

  1. John Allan says:

    Hi Mike,

    That sounds pretty much like my introduction to music but I never got to play anywhere that the Beatles had played. The closest that I ever got to the Beatles is when we done the Beatles tour in Liverpool a few years ago. Which I found very interesting as I have been a big admirer of the Beatles since the 60s.

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  2. Sherry Wykes says:

    Hi Mike,

    Wonder if we know each other, or at least have danced together 🙂 I was there that night, in the wonderful Maney Hall. We just sat on the stage drinking our orange juice… not knowing what the future held for the band playing that night.

    So sad that it’s no longer there 🙂 When it was demolished it took many people’s hearts with it. I have wonderful memories of walking home in the snow, shoes in hand, and loving every minute. From there we all moved on to the Carlton in Erdington, but it wasn’t the same. That was for the ‘growns ups’ lol

    Thanks for bringing back some memories 🙂


  3. Mike says:

    Hi Sherry
    Thanks for you great comments.
    I wasn’t there on the night (the Beatles) that is, just heard about it later
    Hope to see you back here again soon
    Best wishes

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  5. So says:

    i’ve been reading this log since you started it. just thought I’d tell ya

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