Well cash actually, and lots of it!

Or so I thought.

Now there’s no denying the attractiveness of the green stuff and with the onset of the so called “credit crunch” it’s a lot more scarce than it was. For many people, this equates to the inability to borrow, and for some, especially in the long run, this could be a blessing in disguise. Most people never stop to think about what makes them really happy, and you know what when they do, its not money.

Sure it oils the wheels, gives you choices and of course, when handled properly can provide security and ultimately, peace of mind. Note the last part of that sentence.

It’s really important to take stock of what you’ve actually got and the abundance of riches that involves. If you’re lucky enough to have your health, a family (however extended or close that may be) and some close friends on whom you can depend, you are my friend really rich right now. Incidentally, a very wise man (whose name escapes me) once said that you will never have more than five close friends, represented if you like by the fingers on your right hand.

So, take a look around you and determine what’s really important. Trust me, its not cash.

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