Acne is a skin condition that millions of individuals deal with, sometimes on a daily basis.  Although acne is not a life threatening condition, it can cause great stress.  Acne, especially when constantly touched or picked at, can also lead to scaring or even an infection.  For that reason, those suffering from acne often look for different ways to seek relief.

When it comes to seeking relief from acne, there are a large number of over-the-counter products that claim to provide relief.  Of course, if you are suffering from acne you can give whilst there are many over-the-counter products, you may also want to give natural remedies and home remedies a try.

There are a number of natural remedies for acne such as pure Aloe Vera gel.

 You could also try saturating lettuce in water for about an hour! This special mixture that results mixture can then be applied to the skin, acting as a rinse.

Fresh lime juice and milk are another natural remedy for getting rid of acne that comes highly rated and recommend.  With this natural remedy for acne, boil a half of glass of milk.  Once that milk has cooled, add in about the same amount of lime juice.  You can then use a cloth to apply the mixture onto your acne infected area.

For a small area of acne, ripe tomatoes can be used.  For this home remedy, cut a ripe tomato in half and place the inside, wet portion of the tomato on the pimple or pimples.  Leave it on for about an hour and then wash off.  A similar approach to this natural remedy and one that still comes highly rated and recommended involves the use of tomato paste.

In conclusion, many people are now starting to rely on natural remedies instead. As the old adage goes, prevention is better than cure, so the best way is probably to try and maintain healthy skin, and to that end, aside from its other numerous properties, pure Aloe Vera gel has been known to help to promote healthy healing when applied regularly.

Now that’s food for thought!

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