First of all let me say, I’m not medically qualified and all this is just my opinion, so you can judge for yourself-ok?

Now I’m not a fan of the vast quantities of red tape that emanates on a daily basis from all those government departments, but there is or appears to be some sanity buried in the mass of health & safety legislation that carries a message for us all.

If you are unfortunate to have an accident in the workplace, one of the things that will count is whether or not you showed a duty of care wait for it……………to yourself. Quite right too! If you did do something silly, careless or without thought that contributed to, caused or exacerbated the event that befell you, why should your employer be culpable? Heresy you say, well I say not!

Now then, let’s extend the argument. Do you get the right amount of sleep, drink plenty of good quality water, eat the best quality food you can afford (that’s fresh not expensive by the way), get regular exercise and limit your alcohol and drug (well coffee then) intake sensibly?

No? Well there you go. You have a duty of care to yourself, so give your body the tools it needs to repay you with trouble free motoring!

I’ve just fallen off my soapbox!

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