Now and then, when I want to dissolve into a meditative moment, I close my eyes and I’m there! Now those of you who’ve been will know exactly what I mean.


For me, its brilliant blue skies, crystal clear air and snow capped mountain peaks to die for. There I am, standing at the top of some mountain, surrounded by those aforementioned peaks, listening to the snow gently crunching underfoot as I shuffle my skies to and fro in anticipation of the forthcoming decent.


Although I’ve not been for a while, those feelings are available to me whenever I want or need to pull them out, great isn’t it.


Thinking back to where it all started for me, my first trip was billed as a “learn and laugh” holiday and that it most certainly was.  No frills, low budget stuff, and all the better for it, great snow and lots of falling over.


I also remember the inappropriate clothing you buy. I had duly bought some all in one little number as recommended by the guy in the shop. From a distance, it looked blue, but it has a faint white stripe running through it, hooded, and of course well padded as was the fashion back then.


Picture this then. I’m standing, justly proud of my new attire, under some chair lift when I hear shouts from above my head. Looking up, I see three guys in fits of laughter. One of them manages to lean over without falling out and points with his pole directly at me…..”Hey….Andy Pandy…………!” and then promptly dissolves again in fits of giggles!


I’m unable to forget that either!!

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